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All tickets for the canonisation are free.

You will need to collect your ticket in Rome from a distribution centre in the days leading up to the canonisation.

Questions & Answers

Where do I collect my ticket?

Tickets can be collected from the designated distribution centre in Rome. The exact location will be confirmed soon, however, it will be in walking distance from the Vatican.

When can I collect my ticket?

We will be aiming to open the distribution centres between Thursday 10th October and the evening of Saturday 12th October.

Can we register as a group?

Absolutely! If you are leading a group of people, simply click ‘group’ when registering and you can register a group page where others can register through. You can manage your group from there and keep them up to date with plans!

Will I get a seat?

There will be around 20,000 seats at the canonisation Mass, however, these are not reservable. They will be available to whomever arrives first for the Mass on the 13th October.

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